SwissSkiSafari | Heli-Ski the Wilderness of the European Alps

At SwisSKIsafari, we like to keep things simple and top quality. So it’s all about you, and the mountain.

  • SwisSKIsafaris are intrepid, luxurious ski and snowboard safaris and heli-ski safaris to ski from country to country through the Alps of Switzerland, France and Italy. Explore beyond groomed slopes and into a wilderness that seems to go on forever. Ideal for those looking to explore areas where guides are a necessity.
  • SwissHIKESafaris will help you get intimate with the mountains in summer. Let your guide walk you through alpine pastures, traditional villages, dramatic glaciers and up to snowy peaks. Push your personal barriers in an authentic mountain adventure.
  • SwissBIKESafaris are designed to share a passion for riding. Improve your performance and reach your riding potential in the Alps.
  • The key is local knowledge, we use the best UIAGM qualified guides who have years of experience and who were born in the region. Together you’ll develop a respect for the mountain that will never leave you. Ever.
  • We find unique, charming, intimate hotels: the best in the region for you to feel pampered after an exhilarating day.
  • We’ll get to know you, your abilities and wants before you arrive in the Alps, once you’re here, it’s all about the skiing, the hiking and the biking.
  • All our itineraries are completely unique. You won’t find these experiences anywhere else. There are no rules. Escape happens: leave it to us.
These are trips that bring the high mountain environment within the reach of normal skiers - The Herald UK


Every safari we create is unique. Because we tailor the date, length, ski level, and accommodation to you, no two trips are the same. We focus on you, and the mountain.

One group might request a 5 star spa hotel with a full week heli-skiing, another might prefer a simple mountain refuge and the satisfaction of reaching a peak with skins strapped to their skis. That’s why we don’t show prices on our website: they wouldn’t be right. All the experiences you’ll see here are examples of what we have created for clients in the past*, and just an idea of what’s possible.

Have a look at our safaris, get in touch for further inspiration, and we’ll create an exclusive mountain experience just for you. And before you know it, you’ll be enjoying the remote beauty of the European Alps. Simple as that.

* The only exception is the new Individuals trip, which has set dates and costs.

A typical day with SwisSKIsafari Waving goodbye to the helicopter before beginning a 20km ski descent Crossing below the dramatic Aiguille des Grands Charmoz on foot